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  • Epiderm Laser Epilasyon - Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

  • Before A Laser Epilation Session
    • The area of the body which will be treated with laser epilation should not be tanned (fake/real). İt’s best performed when the color of the skin is closest to one’s own original color. Your skin color will be measured at our policlinic by a digital spectrophotometer where the amount (pulses of laser light and power density will be determined ) settings will be adjusted.
    • 20 days before session no recent waxing, tweezing or sugaring should be done to remove hair from its follicles.
    • We prefer that you come to treatment without shortening the actual length of hair . But if it must be done you cancut or shaving on the body parts and cutting with scissors for facial hair at the latest 3 days before treament date.
    • No coloring or dying on the hair that will be removed by laser epilation treatment.
    • If you are using any peeling products such as; retinoic acid, glycolic acid, must stop 15 days before treatment date.
    • Make-up must be removed from area of treatment.
    • Laser Epilation treatment cannot be performed if; you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, if you have used roaccutane in the last 6 months, psoriasis or any skin disease related to darkening of the skin.

  • After Laser Epilation Session
    • 2 days after treatment it is not advised to be exposed to the sun or solarium. İf exposed to the sun (especially the face) a high protection factor of SPF 30 cream must be used.
    • In between treatment suntanning or use of solarium will only delay treatment if skin color does not reach normal level before the next session. Treatment will stop until skin color has reached its original shade.
    • You may take a lukewarm shower after treatment. Abstain from peeling scrub mitt, anything that causes irritation of the skin for a week.
    • It is possible depending on level of skin sensitivity that pink skin or redness can be observed in body part from 1 hour –upto 1 week after treatment.
    • It has been observed that in some people treatment on body part can cause itching, swelling, crusting, or acne. These effects will all disappear without any treatment.
    • Hair follicles that have been exposed to treatment will grow between 3-10 days and will start to fall out or can be pulled out easily.
    • The time between treatments for facial area is 4 weeks whereas other body parts is 8 weeks.
    • The average number of sessions for body parts is between 4-6, where as facial treatment is 1-2 sessions. The number of sessions show variance according to skin and hair types. Hormonal inbalances can affect number of sessions.
    • Hair density decreases 15-20% permanently per session. One can observe the difference after the 3rd session. If you continue treatment regularly it means that you are no longer experiencing hair problem.
    • Treatment in big areas such as; arms, legs, back, chest, and genital area need to be checked. You are required to come in for a free consult 15-20 days after session. Any consult passed 20 days can affect treatment negatively. Treatment of small areas do not require consult due to the fact that it has no input for the treatment.

  • How Does Laser Light Make Laser Epilation?
    How laser makes epilation: Laser light is exerted with laser device by shots in miliseconds is absorbed by the melanin pigment within hair. Selective targeting is done without damaging the surrounding area . The heat meets the hair follicle and destroys it. In consecutive sessions this area will be rid of hair. Starting from session 1 you will no longer have a hair problem. Laser device will be held 2-3 cm away from the skin avoiding hygene issues. Our device makes 2 shots and targets 1.5cm diameter of target area in each shot . This a very speedy treatment.

  • Why is Alexandrite Laser Preferred Over Other Epilation Devices?
    Alexandrite laser has been used all over the world and has proven to be a successful device backed up by years of experience. It is stronger then all the other laser devices. İt is a permanent solution for removing unwanted hair, almost pain free, can be used on large areas over a short period of time, and needs no special care which makes it an excellent device. Alexandrite laser light is absorbed by melanin pigment in hair and destroys the follicle. The air cooling system within the device protects the skin and removes the effects of pain completely. Epiderm uses the latest technology from the U.S FDA approved Cynosure Apogee 5500 Elite Laser Epilation System. It poses no threat to human health, trusted, and effective, laser epilation system (alexandrite laser) is scientifically certified by the FDA.

  • Why Do You Need More Then 1 Session For Laser Epilation?
    Each strand of hair in the human body has 3 phases; growth phase, the transitional phase, and the shedding phase. All phases of hair co-exist in the same area. In order to find the phase when hair is most vulnerable to laser light the treatment should be repeated successively. The number of sessions vary from one patient to another depending on the different areas of treatment 4-6 sessions should be sufficient. Your hair problem will disappear after your first session.

  • What Is A Laser Epilation Control Session?
    15-20 days following each laser pilation session you are welcome to a free control session. The control is done for body parts such as; arms, legs, back, chest or genital area. You need to make an appointment for the free consult. İf there is no need for a control session it will have no impact on your treatment. After a period of time control session will not be required due to the fact that it might alter the course of treatment. Late control session can affect the hair growth phase and alter the outcome of the next session and disrupt treatment. This is exactly what we do not want. Our computer system does not give any control session appointments passed due dates.

  • Is Laser Safe?
    Laser is a revolutionary technological advancement in medicine today. İt is being widely used (from eye operations to teeth filling) and has developed extensively in the last 30-40 years, proving its safety. One of the new developped area is laser epilation tecnology. With the appropriate type and settings it is being practised safely. There are no cancerous effects, chemicals or radioactivity when used for laser epilation. In our policlinics we use FDA approved devices which are being used all over the word from England to Australia.

  • Who Can Benefit From Laser Epilation?
    The best results are obtained in patients with dark coarse hair. Adjustments are made according to the skin and hair color, regarding necessary dosage and pulse duration for the best results. Still laser epilation is not successful with light colored hair, and black skin. Laser epilation treatment can be safely applied to anyone over the age of 12 with dark coarse hair.

  • Which body parts can laser epilation be used? What is the time span between sessions?
    Laser epilation can be applied to all body parts except the eyebrows and the eyes. Use of special goggles are required for eye protection. The time span between each session ranges anywhere from 4-6 weeks İn the face area, and the rest is between 8-10 weeks.

  • What is The Duration Of Each Session?
    The duration of a session varies within the device that is being used. But with speedy efficacy devices upto 3-4 minutes, on the face, 1-2 minutes on upper lip area, legs and men’s backs big areas need only a short period of 30 minutes.

  • Is There Any Pain?
    Although pain can vary from one patient to another, generally no pain is present. For sensitive patients, 1-2 hours before treatment numbing creams can be used to eliminate any pain that might be felt during the session. The cool air system in our device will be sufficient for most of our patients.

  • How Can increase Of Body Hair Due To Hormonal imbalance Be Treated?
    İn very few cases 2-3% hair problem in some patients may be due to hormonal inbalances. In order to achieve permanent results laser epilation and medical care will be treated together simultaneously. When you are at our laser epilation center if you think you may have a hormonal issue, hormone tests can be done at our Tümlab clinic with a special discount for all lab work. The results of these tests will be evaluated by our in house Dermatalogists , gynecologists, and if necessary laser epilation will be performed with your medical treatment simultaneously.

  • Is There Any Scarring After Laser Epilation?
    A light redness on skin following laser epilation treatment can be expected. Usually this will fade away on its own within the next hour or so. Sometimes in exceptionally sensitive skin, or high dosage treatments of laser epilation can show redness. This can be treated within the next 1-2 days without scarring. After laser epilation therapy it is not advisable to being exposed to the sun or solariım due to any genetic pigmentation problems that may be the underlying reason for discoloration ( light or dark coloring) on the skin. Usually these cases are temporary and will go away given some time without any scarring.

  • What is A Digital Spectrophotometer Device And What Purpose Does it Have During Laser Epilation?
    The initial purpose of laser epilation is to apply enough laser light to target area to damage hair follicle and prevent growth. This procedure should be conducted with the appropriate settings to prevent scarring, irritation, or finally burning of the skin with an overdose of laser light. This highly delicate adjustment of dosage is very difficult to be done by a medical practitioner’s eyes. This is when a digital spctrophotometer becomes very important. The level of melanin in the skin, the hemoglobin in the blood and the light reflecting from the skin are all evaluated to determine the necessary dosage throughout treatment.

  • Is Laser Epilation Pricing/ Session?
    Yes the pricing is for each individual session. After the 3rd session there is a 10% discount. Any treatment that is subject to a special offer for a specific treated area will be priced at the same amount until end of all sessions. Even if the offer expires the prices will remain the same until the end.

  • Can Laser Epilation Price İncrease After Treatment Starts?
    No the prices will not change during treatment of targeted body part.

  • Can You Perform Laser Epilation On Tanned (Real/Fake) Skin?
    Yes NdYag type laser device can be used for suntanned skin (real/fake) or dark skin. As epiderm we do not advise you to use this treatment for 3 reasons;
    • NdYag laser (physically) is not able to penetrate deeply in to the hair follicle and is not effective in permanent hair removal, thus causes patient dissatisfaction.
    • NdYag laser unlike Alexandrite laser which is what we use has a high risk of burning the skin which can be permanently damaging.
    • NdYag laser treatment is more painful then Alexandrite laser and most patients discontinue treatment when appropriate settings is implemented.Low dosage and virtual treatment are ethically unacceptable commercial approaches for Epiderm. Epiderm realizes that there is more then just a cosmetic concern but an actual need; one must understand that laser epilation is never a medical emergency treatment, it is more beneficial to have the treatment 2 months after your skin has turned to its normal color. Although our devices can be adjsuted to NdYag devices , as Epiderm we do not find this laser type suitable for our treatments in our clinics.

  • Important

    The Health Department has forbidden laser epilation treatments in Beauty Salons. It can only be performed in medical establishments. Please be aware for your health and for the sake of continuing treatment.
  • Patient Comments

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  • Epiderm Team

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  • Laser Epilaton treatment and Scientific facts

    According to scientific and medical truth laser epilation treatment should be conducted ethically. Commercial commitments shouldn’t be made, hair and skin types must be analysed, patients should not be misguided with guarantees for definitive results.

    Laser epilation must be repeated between 4-6 sessions every two months for all body parts. Facial area with light hair should be done every other month with 6-12 laser epilation sessions. The number of sessions vary for each patient..

    Alexandrite laser emits laser light to the hair follicle which destroys growth of hair. During treatment effecive settings should be used. Lowering the effectiveness will increase the number of sessions which is unethical and should not be practised. Thus the hair will be light in structure unresponsive to laser light causing increase in number of sessions.
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