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  • Epiderm Laser Epilasyon - Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

  • What is laser?
    Laser means; Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser moves in one direction and emits light that has energy. Laser light can be colorred or invisible. Visibility Works in correlation with wavelength. Their wavelength and power determine the appropriate area of use in medicine. Today laser is used in many fields of medicine such as laser epilation varying in types and wavelengths.

  • What type of laser is being used in laser epilation?
    The different types of laser that is being used for epilation purposes are; alexandrite, ruby, diod, NdYag, are to name a few. The names of these lasers are in direct correlation with their particular wavelength of energy they emit. During laser epilation laser light will go beyond the dermal layer until it reaches the hair follicle. Laser radiates heat which in turn destroys the hair follicle. Laser Works best with dark coarse hair because it absorbs heat better success in treatment. Those with darker hair color then their skin are more reluctant to have a beter outcome with least amount of side effects

  • What is laser epilation and how does it affect hair?
    During laser epilation the purpose is to destroy the hair follicle with selective heat which means destruction of the cells in the hair follicle by burning them. The hair follicle absorbs this energy which turns into heat and destroys the its own follicle , leaving no room for growth . Laser light is emitted in pulses of a milisecond to the skin through the dermis into the pigments where it is absorbed completely. All types of laser epilation stunts the growth of hair and within time the hair becomes lighter and its growth slows down. For permanent hair removal, the purpose is to destroy the papilla in the hair follicle completely. During treatment it is important to note the phases of hair growth which are; anagen, catagen, and telogen. During treatment the hair growth can be in different phases with 4-6 sessions one can see the results of laser epilation clearly. Appropriate laser used at appropriate settings depends on individual’s skin type and treatment.

  • How many laser epilation sessions are required?
    Laser light afects anagen (active) hair follicles. All follicles cannot be active simultaneously. Therefore when telogen (passive) follicles turn active they will also be needing treatment. A permanent solution can be reached after several laser epilation sessions. It is not possible to give a certain number of sessions since the hair thickness and density vary in each body and body part. Approximately 4-6 sessions will be enough. During laser epilation the patient’s skin type determines the appropriate settings for the individual’s treatment. The purpose of treatment is to affect the hair follicle enough without damaging the skin and finishing the treatment as quickly as possible. The duration of the treatment varies because of different skin types, body shapes, hormone levels of patients. The sessions are most likely to be repeated when the hair is in anagen growth phase.

  • How long is an epilation session?
    According to the area of treatment, the duration of sssions can vary. For upper lip and chin area an average of 1-5 minutes, legs 30-45 minutes. The time between two sessions is 4-6 weeks.

  • Which body parts can be treated with laser epilation?
    Laser epilation can be applied to almost all body parts. The amount of hair growth and distribution of hair vary from man to woman. The essential problem seen in women are excessive hair production which can also be seen in men; İn their eyebrows, upper cheekbones, back, neck, chest and nape area. Each shot of laser light destroys 25-30 hair follicles, and with this efficacy treatment shortens the duration of the treatment extensively.

  • How does laser light make epilation?
    How laser makes epilation: Laser light is exerted through a device shooting pulse in miliseconds. It is absorbed by the melanin pigment within hair. Selective targeting is done without damaging the surrounding area . The heat meets the hair follicle and destroys it. In consecutive sessions this area will be rid of hair. Starting from session 1 you will no longer have a hair problem. Laser device is held 2-3 cm away from the skin avoiding hygene issues. Our device makes 2 shots and targets 1.5cm diameter of target area in each shot . This a very speedy treatment.

  • Can all skin colors be treated with laser epilation?
    For laser epilation treatment the ideal is to have light skin color with coarse dark hair. With the latest laser device Alexandrite, epilation can be performed on all skin types including dark ones too. By staying away from tanning (fake/real) treatment could be done all year long.

  • Is laser epilation safe?
    Laser is a revolutionary technological advancement in medicine today. İt is being widely used (from eye operations to teeth filling) and has developed extensively in the last 30-40 years, proving its safety. One of the new developped area is laser epilation tecnology. With the appropriate type and settings it is being practised safely. There are no cancerous effects, chemicals or radioactivity when used for laser epilation. In our policlinics we use FDA approved devices which are being used all over the word from England to Australia.

  • Is there any scarring after laser epilation treatment?
    After laser epilation treatment redness can occur and can last up to 30 min. This is temporary. When laser devices do not have a cooling system the heat from the laser light is absorbed beneath the skin in melanin pigments and run a high risk of scarring or burning of the skin. Laser device with cooling system omits heat which will prevent any burning of the skin. Epiderm uses Alexandrite laser because it never leaves permanent scarring due to this cooling system.

  • Who is eligible for laser epilation?
    Anyone with coarse dark hair over light skin color, over 12 years of age and male or female is eligible for laser epilation. There are many kinds of treatments for unwanted and excess hair. Out of all the possibilities laser epilation is the easiest, most efective, painless and most prefered treatment. Best results are achieved with dark hair on light skin. With appropriate settings for each individual’s skin type and hair treatment same results are achieved. Still treatment is not possible for black skin and colorless hair.

  • Can laser epilation treatment be done during pregnancy?
    There are no conclusive clinical trials that prove any effect of laser epilation on pregnant women. Nevertheless pregnant women must abstain from treatment in their first trimester of pregnancy.

  • What happens to the skin after laser epilation treatment?
    After the treatment the skin may feel like it was exposed to the sun and a slight burning sensation . But that will eventually fade away in a short while.

  • Any side effects of laser epilation? any pain during treatment?
    There are no permanent side effects of laser epilation. During the treatment the hair follicle absorbs energy and in return some swelling and redness occurs. This effect diappears rapidly. A slight burning sensation can be felt during treatment. Numbing creams can help prevent discomfort applied before treatment.

  • Are laser epilation results permanent?
    Yes. The hair follicles that have been destroyed have no way to grow back again. The result has proven by studies and approved by FDA.

  • Does laser epilation treatment really work?
    After extensive research conducted in this area the FDA has approved that Laser Epilation is a permanent solution for hair reduction. Repetitive sessions do decrease the amount of hair and with consecutive treatments it increases the effect of permanent hair reduction.

  • How long is a laser epilation session?
    The duration of the session is determined by the target area for treatment and the density of hair. For example, a man’s nape and a woman’a arm pit small target area the session would last between 2-3 minutes. A man’s back or chest and a woman’s legs take up to 30-40 minutes depending on the excess of hair. Full body treatment would take 2 hours.

  • Is it possible to reduce men’s hair with laser epilation?
    Yes. Each laser epilation session will reduce 20% of hair permanently. This will also give them a natural and aesthetic look. For example; They can get rid of the hair on their back completely, whereas with only 1-2 laser epilation session they can thin out the hair in their chests.

  • Important

    The Health Department has forbidden laser epilation treatments in Beauty Salons. It can only be performed in medical establishments. Please be aware for your health and for the sake of continuing treatment.
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  • Laser Epilaton treatment and Scientific facts

    According to scientific and medical truth laser epilation treatment should be conducted ethically. Commercial commitments shouldn’t be made, hair and skin types must be analysed, patients should not be misguided with guarantees for definitive results.

    Laser epilation must be repeated between 4-6 sessions every two months for all body parts. Facial area with light hair should be done every other month with 6-12 laser epilation sessions. The number of sessions vary for each patient..

    Alexandrite laser emits laser light to the hair follicle which destroys growth of hair. During treatment effecive settings should be used. Lowering the effectiveness will increase the number of sessions which is unethical and should not be practised. Thus the hair will be light in structure unresponsive to laser light causing increase in number of sessions.
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