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  • Epiderm Laser Epilasyon - Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

  • Can laser epilation be hazardous to your health?
    No because laser is a non-ionized energy. Meaning it does not affect cell mutation. All laser types involved in epilation target one thing the hair follicle.

  • What to watch out for after treatment?
    Continue your daily life. Take a lukewarm shower on your first day. İf laser epilation was done on your face regardless of season use a high protection (SPF30) cream on your face. Any redness or small mark appearing after treatment will go away. İf not medical cream can be used.

  • Why is there a partial discount only after the third session?
    Should there be a discount after each session following the rate of hair reduction? The 10% discount is for all body parts that has laser epilation treatment. İt is given to you as an incentive. Regardless of the rate of reduction in hair loss we stil have to skim the surface of the skin and exert shots to remove hair. Each shot covers a 1.5cm diameter of target area.

  • Risks and complications in laser epilation
    During laser epilation it is important to keep your skin color all throughout the treatment. The lighter the color the lower rate of any complication. Dark skin has a higher rate of melanin which is where heat is absorbed from the laser energy. Heat from energy can cause skin burn. These burns can be hyperpigmentation(darkening of skin color) or hypopigmentation (light skin coloring). They are temporary if not you can consult a physician . İt is also not advisable to expose skin to sunlight or solarium during treatment for reasons stated above. Light skin color has a low risk of running into a problem. Do not forget any color change on skin due to treatment is treatable.

  • In laser epilation why is the face the most problem area?
    The face should be separated from the body during laser epilation. Before starting the treatment the idea must be thought out carefully. Facial hair in comparison to body hair is finer and lighter in color. Dark hair will thin out with treatment. Light color thin hair will not emit heat to the follicle as efficiently which in return will not be destructive enough to wipe out the follicle. Laser epilation treatment will go on for at least 10 sessions. You may even exceed this number because the face has a very high number of hair follicles and hormones are highly effective here. The time span between the sessions will shorten. This will be like 1-1.5 months in between sessions. Just like body parts there might be some swelling or redness in the treated area which is temporary. You must make sure that the face is clean with no cream, perfume, or make-up during treatment.

  • Important

    The Health Department has forbidden laser epilation treatments in Beauty Salons. It can only be performed in medical establishments. Please be aware for your health and for the sake of continuing treatment.
  • Patient Comments

    Due to regulations it is forbidden to publish patient comments, pricing information and facts about laser epilation. If you want more information please write email address in the box below and press enter
  • Epiderm Team

    3 Dermatalogy specialists and a plastic surgeon are in the clinic all day for laser epilation treatment. Let's meet the Epiderm Team.
  • Laser Epilaton treatment and Scientific facts

    According to scientific and medical truth laser epilation treatment should be conducted ethically. Commercial commitments shouldn’t be made, hair and skin types must be analysed, patients should not be misguided with guarantees for definitive results.

    Laser epilation must be repeated between 4-6 sessions every two months for all body parts. Facial area with light hair should be done every other month with 6-12 laser epilation sessions. The number of sessions vary for each patient..

    Alexandrite laser emits laser light to the hair follicle which destroys growth of hair. During treatment effecive settings should be used. Lowering the effectiveness will increase the number of sessions which is unethical and should not be practised. Thus the hair will be light in structure unresponsive to laser light causing increase in number of sessions.
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